{Day 1} Keeping a Happy Home

So last Friday I promised to offer some simple tips and secrets of the trade to help keep your home happy and clean.  Er…what have I got myself into?!  Anyone else’s house look like a disaster after the weekend?  Well ours surely does.  I plan on keeping these posts short and sweet.  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone…or cause anyone to feel like they aren’t ‘working hard enough.’  We all are.  So simply speaking, the first tip I will offer is pretty…well pretty.  Go outside and pick yourself some fresh flowers.  They don’t have to be store bought to brighten up your room and make you feel special.  I’ve found that even picking so called weeds that just grow along the side of the road can look beautiful in my vase.  They cost no money and I can promise you will brighten your day and make your home feel pretty.  It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a grand effect.  My vase is filled with maple leaves and vetch.  What will yours be filled with?



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