{Day 3} Keeping a Happy Home

Day 3:  Let’s talk about bathrooms.

Let’s be honest, not the nicest area of the house to talk about.   But if kept clean can really do a lot for your sanity whenever you find yourself “taking a break” in there.  So my thinking is, it’s a room of necessity.  We bathe and keep our own selves clean and tidy with this room.  It makes sense that if all other rooms are in disarray that having the bathroom in order can make you feel better about yourself and your home.  If you clean a little bit of it each day then it’s really not a big job.  Leave it neglected, then well….ewwww. 

Something I find myself cleaning with a lot is distilled white vinegar.  It’s cheap, natural, and keeps everything shiny and disinfected.  I don’t have to freak out when I find my 2.5 year old spraying the bottle for me because it’s food grade.  Why would you use anything else? 

So who will clean their bathrooms today?

Step 1:  spray counter tops with vinegar.  Gently wipe clean with a clean cotton towel or disposable paper towel.  If you have hard water like we do I usually let the vinegar sit for a minute on the faucets to really break up the crud.  Notice how shiny they are afterward! 

Step 2:  Clean the bowl of your toilet.  You can use a prepared toilet cleaner or again use vinegar and baking soda.  Kinda neat to see the bubbles in action.  (*to use the vinegar and baking soda, plunge all excess water to have an empty bowl, then fill with vinegar and add your baking soda…enough to make it really fizz).

Step 3:  Especially important, spray the base of the toilet with vinegar and again wipe clean.  If your squeamish wear cleaning gloves.  Having this area of your toilet will make the whole room feel cleaner.  My thinking here is you never know when you might have to hold on to that base if your tummy isn’t feeling so well…catch my drift? 

Step 4:  clean tile and grout with vinegar, spray tub and let sit.  Come back a few minutes later and use a course sponge to scrub the tub. 

And that’s it for today…I guarantee that if your bathroom is clean…even if your house is a disaster, you will feel better.  I’ve found that in tight situations with little money, a clean bathroom did a lot for my soul and made every day life a little more enjoyable. 



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