{Day 4 and 5} Keeping a Happy Home

The last few days of the week should be a good time to wind things down in your house.  My little tip of the day is that this is usually, (at least in our household) a good time to do laundry.  That way the baskets are emptied of dirty clothes which leaves room for relaxing on the weekend.  Now if you’re a large family this might mean doing several loads all at once.  I divide them in to piles which usually take up the entire floor in the laundry room.  Darks, whites, and colors.  I find that if I get all my laundry done then the weekend feels that much more deserved.  Again, these are only suggestions to help make your home a relaxing place.  When we lived in our one bedroom apartment it was a little difficult hiding the dirty clothes.  We didn’t really have a closet (because remember there was a baby sleeping there) so when the laundry would pile up, it would really pile up and right there in plain sight in our living area.  One way of solving this issue is to do one load a day.  I challenge you to put those clothes away immediately after the dryer.  If you set them on your dresser, or leave them folded on the dryer, chances are they will stay there.  I still struggle with actually getting our clothes put away.  But I find that when I do my peace of mind is through the roof. 



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