a family silhouette

Those of you who don’t know me well then know this one little thing.  I married a historian and I myself am extremely intrigued by family heritage and treasures (did I mention that I have an Etsy shop selling pieces of family histories?) that have been passed down through the generations.  They are one of a kind.  I don’t mean to bombard your inbox…but I took a family treasure and really made it cool.


This is a silhouette cutout of my dad’s grandma as a girl and her sister.  This beautiful piece of family artwork is probably at least a little over a hundred years old now.  My dear mother passed it down to me when I took an interest in doing my own silhouettes of my own children.  I felt honored.  The frame was vintage but not of any value and although I liked the gold and blue frame…I wanted something that would really make the artwork within the frame “pop.”

So here’s what I did!


I had some leftover chalkboard paint lying around.  So I painted it.  I replaced the old mat with natural brown cardstock.  I love it.  It is now lovingly displayed in our den and although I don’t have a lot of black stuff in there…I do have a pillow, a rug, and a black tv…so it sorta just ties everything together!


I also sorta have a thing for gallery walls.  I’m an artist…I like displaying my art…and it’s such a great way to bring really neat clusters of color and shapes to a wall!


Here’s the opposing wall….dad’s painting, vintage floral calendar print…and an antique wall clock that chimes.  I’m all about designing our home using the senses right now.  I enjoy smelling beautiful fragrances.  I enjoy feeling warm soft fuzzy blankets.  I like looking at interesting patterns and mixing them up.  The clock adds another layer of depth in that now I enjoy  hearing the soft chime every hour and it’s gentle and rhythmic ticking.  Not to mention it helps keep me on track with everything I need to get done during the day.

So since it’s hot outside and I’m potty training my third young one and we need to stay close to a potty…I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.  What do you think?




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