I want something that I want, something I tell myself I need

Have you ever had a bit of inspiration and then weren’t able to focus or think on anything else but that piece of inspiration?

Let me share a little project I did this past weekend.

I made my bed.

I had a piece of inspiration and I ran with it.

I wanted an upholstered headboard, so I made one.  It took some time to save some money to make the frame.  I was imagining a wooden frame, kinda like a platform bed, but for the amount of lumber we would need to hold a king size mattress, even that was too much for us right now!  So, I am so thankful for pinterest, and Apartment Therapy for giving me this idea:

I bolted wooden legs directly to my box spring.  First you take your mounting brackets found at the Home Depot.  Then you screw them in to the corners of your box spring.  Since a king has two twin size box springs, you mount 6 brackets and  6 legs per box spring.



There is your “frame!”

I then had Mr. APN secure legs to our headboard at the desired height.  He took a 2×8 and cut it directly in half and screwed in the legs at the desired height I wanted the headboard to stand.  It looked like this:



Then, with that being the most difficult of the project which was actually so simple, I made my bed.  Pretty.  Serene.  Fluffy and beautiful, somewhat traditional and somewhat modern (I think that’s what best describes me).  The small white frames contain three subtly nude drawings done by a local artist.  I wanted a hint of “sexy” in our room.  😉







One thought on “I want something that I want, something I tell myself I need

  1. Honey, there is a blue/white throw for $12 at Tuesday morning near front windows yesterday that would look nice on your bed. 🙂 I love you. Your bedroom looks fab. Can’t wait to see it in person!

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