baby on the brain

IMG_7099aSo, I’ve spent the most of the afternoon making a gift for a cousin.  I cherish handmade gifts.  Mostly because they really get you to think about the person you are gifting it to.  Who they are as a person, what they like, something that might reflect their insides; their soul.  Any handmade gift I’ve been given will never be good-willed, or thrown away.  Inspired by images on Esty, and also just my own mind going crazy with ideas, I’ve put together a compilation of ideas and came up with this.  It’s a baby mobile.  Whimsical puffy felt clouds with drops of raindrop cutouts.  They hang from an ancient boxwood branch that grows in our front yard.  It’s probably around 100 years old or older.  It took me my children’s entire naptime and then some.  About 3 hours.  If you’d like step by step instructions feel free to message me.  But mostly, just do what you love and what inspires and I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy.  This is a gift for someone else…but I also plan on making one for myself…and baby Napotnik #4 who is on the way!!  Due March 20th 2015. 🙂