in the midst of pain

Yesterday my cousin suddenly lost her husband.  There are no words to how shocked, confused, and saddened….grieved we all are over this loss of a precious young life.  Young love, young life….just gone now.  The amount of hope and people now comforting and surrounding my sweet cousin and her family near and far is now ballooning with an amazing picture of how the body of Christ works and that even in the midst of our grief, somehow, quietly, so subtly God is still saying, “I love you.”  I think the hope that we hold on to, that every human being has despite how many times we’ve been hurt or laid low, speaks to something greater.  That we are all made for something greater than what is offered here on this earth.  That perhaps we were created for a greater love than we ourselves could ever find or seek on earth.  And yes, someday…that love…I so truly and deeply believe, is going to come for us.  That perfect Groom, coming to wash his Bride with his Word.  That is the hope we hold on to.


the gardener’s delight

Good morning and good Wednesday to you.  I thought I’d take a moment this morning to write.  Life is crazy right now with homeschool lessons, ballet classes, bible studies, with household duties to respond to constantly and oh yes, I’m also pregnant, tired, and hungry.  All the time.  I don’t have much time to write anymore or at least to relax.  Writing is relaxing for me.  If you count lesson planning then I’m still writing everyday, but this morning…this post is for me.  I wanted to share something really beautiful.  My mother’s zinnias and her roses.  Her garden is spectacular.  She’s invested so much time and energy and it’s really paid off.  Going to her house is like going to a botanical garden.  Lucky for me, when I visit, she often sends me home with the delights of her garden.  And I am so blessed by it.  Can you see why?


The beautiful shades of pink look beautiful as a fall centerpiece.


In the early evening, with the tapers lit, the effect is stunning.  Ahhhh….thank you Mommalove.  You know how to bring a smile to my face…and heart.