A Plan In The Making


I was sorta tempted to re-post this article on Facebook.  But thought better of it because it seems people are all but too easily offended, so I’m posting it here.  This article brought a thought to my mind.  There are dangers in labeling pregnancies “planned or unplanned.”  We Christians want to judge and condemn planned parenthood…but think for a second…we Christians are following along in its trails.  We Christians fall for the lie that we must have all our ducks in a row before having a baby.  We Christians feel that we must be financially stable before having a baby.  We Christians feel having too many children (especially of the unplanned sort) is dangerous because we might just not have the ability to invest of each of their lives.  But WHY condemn an ugly agency who promotes this way of thinking at its core when we are doing exactly what they want us to be doing?  As Christians we should be setting the example, not following the worlds.  By doing so we are showing the world that even Christians can’t trust in the outcome of an “unplanned” baby.  That it’s dangerous…will ruin your life financially…that all your dreams will die…that you’ll have no more time to yourself or your passions.  We are showing those unwed mothers to be that yes, they must choose between themselves and their babies because that’s exactly what they see even the church doing.  Albeit Christians aren’t openly aborting…but the example we are showing gives no support to those women in need.  Shouldn’t we be living our lives in Godly example for the world to pick apart and they find themselves wanting what we have?  To lay down our lives as Christ did, to give of ourselves for a future generation, to not glorify the stores in our barns and be consumed with wanting more, but to trust that we when enjoy the fruits of our marriage and a baby happens, it is such a blessing…financially, to your dreams, to your passions, to your life..yes it will be changed…yes that precious little life will demand much of you and your time and you will have to fight your flesh to invest in him…but I think you will find all that you touch to turn to gold.  Because your heart will be screaming with and wrapped up in such fulfillment!  Treasure not tangible…something God INTENDED to be a blessing…not a dreaded “planned” moment.  I’m not promising financial security, I’m not promising you will always enjoy it.  I’m promising you that you will grow.  That God will stretch you far more than you ever thought capable.  That your love for the Savior will deepen as you begin to understand all that He did and gave up for you.  The unwed and desperate women who find themselves pregnant will have an example that yes, they will be ok…that all the women of the church should surround them with their life’s examples.  That we didn’t plan anything and yes we are OK…we are more than surviving and carrying on…we are BLESSED!  Oh how much I want that to be what the world sees.  That these “unplanned” little ones are the greatest BLESSING!!    So get rid of that notion to “plan” because it’s hurting the world.  I challenge you to fearfully and fearlessly trust in God.  My four children later and we have had tight finances and had to cut back..even had to squeeze into a tiny little one bedroom carriage house at one point.  God wasn’t promising us mansions.  I’ve even complained a lot and have battled against jealousy!  But we were ALWAYS provided for.  Each baby blessing has brought us financial gain and not because August was putting his career first but because God was blatantly blessing us!!  My feelings of inferiority disappear when I realize I never thought I was capable to raise so many little beating eternal hearts…but with each one I found God gave me the ability to invest in them.  If we live in our own measly boundries we set for ourselves we are limiting ourselves from boundless mercy, peace, love and hope.  We are so sinful, prideful and arrogant to think that we know what is best.  But should we be living in humility and grace?  That yes it might hurt and be oh so challenging…but oh how much of a blessing it is when you realize that God is stretching you..growing you…and you find yourself surprisingly FULL instead of limited in regards to giving each little one what he or she needs!?  Oh my goodness yes!!  Life shouldn’t be about our plans, but should reflect God’s plan for the world, that He is working in each of us, for us, with us, that children are apart of His plan.

So go ahead and read the article and I challenge you to take a moment and think about who should be setting the example in this world.  The world’s goals and aspirations?  Or God’s goals and aspirations for us?  What would the world see then?  Come on Church…come out of the shadows and in to the light.  Only then will the “planned parenthood” agencies be silenced.

“Children are a blessing
    and a gift from the Lord.”  Psalm 127:3

“You are the one who put me together inside my mother’s body,”  Psalm 139:13

“Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of God belongs to people like these.  Mark 10:14