There is something about these beautifully cool fall mornings.  This morning I woke up, and the skies were gray and cool from the rain last night.  I decided to come downstairs and secretly enjoy a very quiet cup of coffee and snuggle up on our couch with the cool morning breeze blowing on me.  Something that makes me want to write.  My cup steams aimlessly next to me and I grab its warm base and cup my hands around it.  It is comforting.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Something about starting the day feeling refreshed before the kids wake up.  As the caffeine slowly makes its way through my blood stream, I feel just that.  Refreshed.  Ready for the day to begin.  Ready to hear those little feet, one by one, pitter patter down the stairs.  I remember when August and I were newly married and only Grace was with us.  We would fantasize about hearing those little pitter patters come running down the hall, laughter and giggles echoing from their rooms.  “How wonderful we thought that would be.”  To not just be just us, but to have a full house hearing those wonderful sounds of delight.  Now that is our reality and I sometimes forget how much I longed for these days.  Now, eight years later those days have come.  I find myself sometimes overwhelmed by all the pitter patters, thumping and bumping, teasing and laughing and giggling. “SHHHH!!” I’ll shoot up the stairs.  “Not so loud please!”  I now laugh to myself.  Oh how fickle and contradictory we humans can be!  Wish for something the next, then find ourselves grumping about it the next.  What if we realized, what if I realized, that these are the very moments we need to be thankful for.  Instead of griping and grumping and wishing for a quiet moment instead, I relished the clatter of noises?  Even now I hear Tobias squeaking in his crib.  Time to wrap things up and go pick him up, greeting him with a sippy of  milk.  So I suppose I leave with this thought.  Lets be less contradictory.  Lets learn to remember how much we longed for certain things, and now that we have them, to wistfully and thankfully relish these “noisy” moments.



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