I want something that I want, something I tell myself I need

Have you ever had a bit of inspiration and then weren’t able to focus or think on anything else but that piece of inspiration?

Let me share a little project I did this past weekend.

I made my bed.

I had a piece of inspiration and I ran with it.

I wanted an upholstered headboard, so I made one.  It took some time to save some money to make the frame.  I was imagining a wooden frame, kinda like a platform bed, but for the amount of lumber we would need to hold a king size mattress, even that was too much for us right now!  So, I am so thankful for pinterest, and Apartment Therapy for giving me this idea:

I bolted wooden legs directly to my box spring.  First you take your mounting brackets found at the Home Depot.  Then you screw them in to the corners of your box spring.  Since a king has two twin size box springs, you mount 6 brackets and  6 legs per box spring.



There is your “frame!”

I then had Mr. APN secure legs to our headboard at the desired height.  He took a 2×8 and cut it directly in half and screwed in the legs at the desired height I wanted the headboard to stand.  It looked like this:



Then, with that being the most difficult of the project which was actually so simple, I made my bed.  Pretty.  Serene.  Fluffy and beautiful, somewhat traditional and somewhat modern (I think that’s what best describes me).  The small white frames contain three subtly nude drawings done by a local artist.  I wanted a hint of “sexy” in our room.  😉







a family silhouette

Those of you who don’t know me well then know this one little thing.  I married a historian and I myself am extremely intrigued by family heritage and treasures (did I mention that I have an Etsy shop selling pieces of family histories?) that have been passed down through the generations.  They are one of a kind.  I don’t mean to bombard your inbox…but I took a family treasure and really made it cool.


This is a silhouette cutout of my dad’s grandma as a girl and her sister.  This beautiful piece of family artwork is probably at least a little over a hundred years old now.  My dear mother passed it down to me when I took an interest in doing my own silhouettes of my own children.  I felt honored.  The frame was vintage but not of any value and although I liked the gold and blue frame…I wanted something that would really make the artwork within the frame “pop.”

So here’s what I did!


I had some leftover chalkboard paint lying around.  So I painted it.  I replaced the old mat with natural brown cardstock.  I love it.  It is now lovingly displayed in our den and although I don’t have a lot of black stuff in there…I do have a pillow, a rug, and a black tv…so it sorta just ties everything together!


I also sorta have a thing for gallery walls.  I’m an artist…I like displaying my art…and it’s such a great way to bring really neat clusters of color and shapes to a wall!


Here’s the opposing wall….dad’s painting, vintage floral calendar print…and an antique wall clock that chimes.  I’m all about designing our home using the senses right now.  I enjoy smelling beautiful fragrances.  I enjoy feeling warm soft fuzzy blankets.  I like looking at interesting patterns and mixing them up.  The clock adds another layer of depth in that now I enjoy  hearing the soft chime every hour and it’s gentle and rhythmic ticking.  Not to mention it helps keep me on track with everything I need to get done during the day.

So since it’s hot outside and I’m potty training my third young one and we need to stay close to a potty…I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.  What do you think?



a day out in the country

Once upon a time there was a little family of five who lived in a little yellow house in the country. Where the fields were endless and the cows mooed and the chickens peeped. Out of the five of that family, there were three little babes. Each had blonde hair, two had blue eyes, one had green eyes…much to his father’s chagrin.

Now in the country we begin our day with braids so we can play hard without hair in our face…




It doesn’t really matter what you wear…if anything at all…


If you’re missing a few teeth….totally acceptable…you’re pretty cute anyways.


We always have lots of flowers to pick and enjoy…


Checking the mail is the most exciting part of our day…especially when daddy buys us things on amazon.


Or perhaps you’re an adrenaline junkie and you prefer swinging from tree branches!


In the country there is always somewhere (or someone) pretty for picture taking…


Of course all that really matters is that we really just really love each other…


And at the end of the day, if you find yourself lost in the country…don’t worry…trail markers will show you the way home!


And that’s about it!


{Day 4 and 5} Keeping a Happy Home

The last few days of the week should be a good time to wind things down in your house.  My little tip of the day is that this is usually, (at least in our household) a good time to do laundry.  That way the baskets are emptied of dirty clothes which leaves room for relaxing on the weekend.  Now if you’re a large family this might mean doing several loads all at once.  I divide them in to piles which usually take up the entire floor in the laundry room.  Darks, whites, and colors.  I find that if I get all my laundry done then the weekend feels that much more deserved.  Again, these are only suggestions to help make your home a relaxing place.  When we lived in our one bedroom apartment it was a little difficult hiding the dirty clothes.  We didn’t really have a closet (because remember there was a baby sleeping there) so when the laundry would pile up, it would really pile up and right there in plain sight in our living area.  One way of solving this issue is to do one load a day.  I challenge you to put those clothes away immediately after the dryer.  If you set them on your dresser, or leave them folded on the dryer, chances are they will stay there.  I still struggle with actually getting our clothes put away.  But I find that when I do my peace of mind is through the roof. 


{Day 3} Keeping a Happy Home

Day 3:  Let’s talk about bathrooms.

Let’s be honest, not the nicest area of the house to talk about.   But if kept clean can really do a lot for your sanity whenever you find yourself “taking a break” in there.  So my thinking is, it’s a room of necessity.  We bathe and keep our own selves clean and tidy with this room.  It makes sense that if all other rooms are in disarray that having the bathroom in order can make you feel better about yourself and your home.  If you clean a little bit of it each day then it’s really not a big job.  Leave it neglected, then well….ewwww. 

Something I find myself cleaning with a lot is distilled white vinegar.  It’s cheap, natural, and keeps everything shiny and disinfected.  I don’t have to freak out when I find my 2.5 year old spraying the bottle for me because it’s food grade.  Why would you use anything else? 

So who will clean their bathrooms today?

Step 1:  spray counter tops with vinegar.  Gently wipe clean with a clean cotton towel or disposable paper towel.  If you have hard water like we do I usually let the vinegar sit for a minute on the faucets to really break up the crud.  Notice how shiny they are afterward! 

Step 2:  Clean the bowl of your toilet.  You can use a prepared toilet cleaner or again use vinegar and baking soda.  Kinda neat to see the bubbles in action.  (*to use the vinegar and baking soda, plunge all excess water to have an empty bowl, then fill with vinegar and add your baking soda…enough to make it really fizz).

Step 3:  Especially important, spray the base of the toilet with vinegar and again wipe clean.  If your squeamish wear cleaning gloves.  Having this area of your toilet will make the whole room feel cleaner.  My thinking here is you never know when you might have to hold on to that base if your tummy isn’t feeling so well…catch my drift? 

Step 4:  clean tile and grout with vinegar, spray tub and let sit.  Come back a few minutes later and use a course sponge to scrub the tub. 

And that’s it for today…I guarantee that if your bathroom is clean…even if your house is a disaster, you will feel better.  I’ve found that in tight situations with little money, a clean bathroom did a lot for my soul and made every day life a little more enjoyable. 


{Day 2} Keeping a Happy Home


Day 2: Send the mess outside!

“What?!” you say.

“What has that got to do with keeping your home clean?”  again you ask.

Well I reply:  sending your kids outside will enable you and your kids to absorb good ol’ fashioned vitamin D.  Vitamin D is crucial to our health and well being.  It’s even more powerful than vitamin C in fighting infections and it is a mood elevator.  Getting those golden rays in your eyes for a few minutes each day will make you happier.  So get outside today and enjoy the sun.  Safely.  Go ten minutes without any sun protection and if you are out longer then cover up.  That way when you come back inside you’ll have a happier perspective on the cleaning duties that lay within.

{Day 1} Keeping a Happy Home

So last Friday I promised to offer some simple tips and secrets of the trade to help keep your home happy and clean.  Er…what have I got myself into?!  Anyone else’s house look like a disaster after the weekend?  Well ours surely does.  I plan on keeping these posts short and sweet.  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone…or cause anyone to feel like they aren’t ‘working hard enough.’  We all are.  So simply speaking, the first tip I will offer is pretty…well pretty.  Go outside and pick yourself some fresh flowers.  They don’t have to be store bought to brighten up your room and make you feel special.  I’ve found that even picking so called weeds that just grow along the side of the road can look beautiful in my vase.  They cost no money and I can promise you will brighten your day and make your home feel pretty.  It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a grand effect.  My vase is filled with maple leaves and vetch.  What will yours be filled with?


Stay Tuned…


Good morning!  Welcome to my blog, In Napotnik Style.  I’m 28, a wife, a mother to three little blondies and I love my home!  Let me share a little bit of why.

My husband and I have been married now for six years.  We’ve been through some ups and downs like any marriage.  When we first got married we had no money.  My blonde haired, blue eyed, red-bearded man got a job working for UPS but was at the bottom of the totem pole as a local sort loader.  If you work for UPS or have a loved one who works for UPS then you know how HARD it can be to be patient to wait for those illusive promotions.  God was with us and blessed my husband’s work and after two and a half frustrating years was promoted to full-time.  In UPS’s time frame…2 years of waiting is nothing.  There are some who have waited for 10, 12, even 20 years for driving positions.  So clearly, it was God who was moving us forward.  Two of those years were spent in a one-bedroom apartment….with two young babes.  We all shared that room….one little baby girl slept in a closet.  Medieval I know.  I know what it is to have little or nothing to work with.  During those times I wanted so badly to make my home pretty but I couldn’t.  We just had no room financially to spend on anything.  Now that we are in the beautiful four bedroom home that we are I feel blessed and I rejoice daily at the beautiful views, the quietness of my surroundings, the fragrance that blows through my windows of wild flowers and that we finally have the space to really live and be happy.  Every day I wake up and though am not always happy and energetic and thankful, I truly am reminded that God has provided!!  God has taught me much about contentment.  It’s not easy.  So, in light of my rejoicings, I want to share some of what I have learned over those difficult years.  Truly, it’s not about how much money you have or the kind of furniture you have in your house that makes you happy…perhaps even the color of the walls.  It’s the loved ones who dwell within those walls who make life what it is!

One of those ways is to clean your home.   I’ve found that even when I couldn’t’ make my house look the way I envisioned in my head…I could at least keep it clean and tidy.  It’s amazing how a clean bathroom, a cozy bedroom and a little organization can take so much of that stress away.  It is now my passion to make our home feel like we’re on vacation.  When I come home, I want to sink into something comfortable and clean.  Don’t get me wrong, my house is in no way sparkling Mr. Clean clean.  I have three children haha!  BUT I have found that by cleaning one room a day, or even one small area a day…I feel much more at ease.

Next week that is what we will discussing…ways to enjoy every day life with where you are in life.

I will be sharing a list of simple cleaning techniques and tips to help make your home a place of peace.  It should be your get away.  Your own Eden.

Stay tuned!